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About Indianet Marketing Research

We propagate a philosophy of conscious commitment towards producin
quality work in time for our clients.

Maintaining tight deadlines without compromising on our high quality standards for any work done is very plausible given the unique combination of our inherent characteristics.

Our Commitment......
Our Thinking......
Our Reach......

Our Speed ……. is a fall out of the organizations dichotomous characteristics – “we are small with a wide reach”.
Indianet composes of a small body of experienced and qualified professionals who work as a cohesive team to react and deliver to the clients needs at the fastest speed. Quick decision making and fast turn around is a result of our comfortable size that bears positive impact on the speed of research and our deliverables.

Another factor that facilitates speed is our wide reach. Indianet spreads it’s tentacles across 76 cities in the country. We have field offices and presence in mega-metros, metros and class I towns. The largest spread any research agency could offer!! Such strong and wide network gives us the edge to deliver research findings within 14 days and efficiently across zones.

Besides a wide network we have geared ourselves with strong back office infrastructure that not only facilitates speed of our work but also keeps us in full control of our findings and the confidentiality of the project. We have an in-house analysis department with separate team of coders, data entry operators and programmers.
These in-house facilities provide us an edge over other companies and help us in assuring quality outputs at each stage due to strict and close supervision.

Our Commitment……. to quality in every aspect of our work , not only research, our clients, their objectives , their time frame and their thoughts. It is this sense of commitment that most of clients have appreciated over the years. This is reflected in our growing bank of client accounts.

Our Thinking ……… is “young”. We are proactive, adaptable and go beyond the client’s brief. Every project is subjected to our executive think tank which spends time and effort to adapt to the client’s research requirements.

We spend time in understanding the entire market scenario and the study the product category which includes the client and its competiton before undertaking work on any proposal.
We innovate and improve on every project and carry these learnigns forward to the next project.
We also study the market research industry regularly to identify new trends in research being conducted and superior research methodologies being adopted internationally. All this helps us in making conclusive value additions to a clients project.

Such thinking not only betters our research skills but also has earned us a recognition of as a good research supplier to major research users in India.

Our Reach ………
We believe having easy access to the end consumer is the biggest strength of any market research agency.

At Indianet we have a network of offices that spans across the country – Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkatta, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Besides we are armed with a field mechanism to reach over 76 markets including metros, class 1 towns simultaneously

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